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Air transport of personell and human organs

Hesnes Air AS is proud to have won the tender for air transport of personnel and human organs for Oslo University Hospital, for the coming years.

Oslo University Hospital (OUS) is owned by South-Eastern Norway Health Authority, and comprises the former health authorities of Aker, Rikshospitalet and Ullevål University Hospital. It is the country’s largest hospital with around 20.000 employees. Being the largest transplantation center of human organs in Europe, OUS is the only hospital in Norway executing organ transplantations. Yearly approximately 500 transplants are made at OUS and the hospital is also responsible for the donation of organs. There are 28 approved donor hospitals in Norway, and when a person is cleared and accepted as donor, the donor team from OUS travels to the current hospital and does surgery on the donor patient, removing the donor organs.

Hesnes Air is pleased to have been granted renewed confidence from OUS. Hesnes Air operates two jets type Cessna Citation Encore, one King Air and helicopter. One of the Citation Encores will be dedicated for this contract. In addition to the transport itself Hesnes Air also performs some of the facilitation such as ambulance, communication, safety, food and rest. The contract period is two years with an option for prolongation.