Norwegian Oil Trading - Special delivery to The Norwegian Coastal Administration

Norwegian Oil Trading participated in facilitating a successful delivery of hybrid fuel to The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA). The hybrid fuel is sold under the term ULSFO and stands for Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oil. ULSFO is made for the sole reason of competing against the more common fuel used in environmental controlled area (ECA), marine gas oil (MGO). The request was rather unusual because the product had to be placed in a tank, loaded on a truck and then driven all the way from the Netherlands to Norway.

?The product arrived safely NCA's testing facility, in Horten February 22nd. Furthermore, the product needed to be pumped into IBC containers, which has a total capacity of 1000 liters.

The global sulphur cap will as from 2020 be 0,5% and 0,10%. The 0,5% will be applicable in international waters, while 0,1% is required in ECA. The NCA have to be prepared for worst-case scenarios with concerns to oil spill and pollution, and need to test the different kinds of products that might be on vessels sailing along the Norwegian coast. The NCA will test in a laboratory, in an indoor pool, and also out at sea.

NCA has sent an application to the Norwegian Environment Agency about a "controlled oil spill" in the North Sea, in June this year. They will then observe the product's characteristics in open sea and hopefully find the tools needed to be prepared for a worst-case scenario with new fuels arriving the international bunker markets in 2020.

ULSFO RMD-80 has a maximum content of sulphur of 0,10% and is produced by Shell. This kind of product is not yet for sale in Norway and Norwegian Oil Trading assisted NCA to obtain the product.

By Karl Fredrik Skorge Hansen / Norwegian Oil Trading, Tenvik.