Our history

The Hesnes Group started off as a shipbroking company in 1974. Hesnes Shipping was set up in Oslo in September 1974 by Pål Smith-Kielland. He started his career with one of Oslo’s leading shipbrokers and was later sent to Tokyo and New York, where he studied the international car carrier market, as well as the basics of bulk shipping.

Hesnes Shipping had a rapid expansion and soon became one of the leading automobile transport brokers on a worldwide basis. Through Hesnes Shipholding,  the car carrier involvement was taken one step further by the purchase of car carriers with charter back arrangements to major operators.

In the mid-nineties, Hesnes Air was established as a helicopter owner and operator and  later expanded into fixed wing operations. In the late nineties, Hesnes were engaged on the accounting side for the Saga Forest Carrier pool. Later, the involvement with Saga included the commercial management of this operation, as well  as the management of Saga Forest Carriers Intl.  AS. Hesnes also owns open hatch vessels trading in the pool.